Nilfisk ALTO Poseidon 5 PA/FA Pressure Washer

The new Nilfisk ALTO Poseidon 5 PA-FA Pressure Washer mid range are the most versatile partners for demanding customers in agriculture, industry, construction and automotive. We have succeeded in combining an unmatched level of mobility and ease of use with unbeatable robustness, optimal service and great storage features.

Overall, the Nilfisk ALTO Poseidon 5 PA-FA Pressure Washer mobile units associates a high level of ergonomics with cleaning power. Can be used on small construction sites or for rentals. Contact Jetclean for pricing information.

Product Facts

• Tough and sturdy design with 30mm steel frame
• Optimal storage and transport with foldable handle and easy lifting points
• High mobility with large rear wheels and front castor wheel
• Easy accessibility to pump, optimal service concept
• Ergonomic accessory concept